Maria asked 8 years ago

hi. I have mitral valve regurgitation (mvp), and i feel sharp burning pain on my chest. Also i feel dizzy all the time, fainting and sometimes I can’t breathe. I’m 23 female, heavy smoker for 10 years, drinking much. Does my habits affect my heart? How can i stop the squeezing chest pain? Thank you.

1 Answers
freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 8 years ago

Of course your habit of Drinking and Smoking is affecting your heart and in turn, your overall health adversely.Chest pain might be due to lungs congestion due to heavy smoking or due to the regurgitation issue. Mitral regurgitation is a serious issue. Depending upon the extent of regurgitation diagnosed by your echocardiography report, the cardiologist may decide for mitral valve replacememnt surgery. You may mail us your echocardiography reports at support@freedoctorhelpline so that the cardiologists of our team could advice you in a more accurate manner.

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