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AAA asked 6 years ago

I had an olecranon fracture 4 months ago and it required a surgery, after 3 months the bones didn’t heal (non-union) and it required another surgery (bone graft from the hip bone) and after a week of the surgery the doctor said that the plates used in this surgery is longer than that it should be (don’t fit my elbow) and he said that i need another surgery to replace these bad plates with a new more suitable ones, the question is: is there is a mistake from my doctor? is this new surgery really required?
I don’t know what should i do?!!
I am (Male, 23 ys old, 94 Kg, 177 Cm, with no special habits)

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

The doctor might have decided to implant those plates based upon the condition that time. If the planes do not proved compatible and helpful, the only way to correct is to remove the plates through surgery and implant more suitable plates as the doctor decides.

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