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Safaa asked 7 years ago

Hi, asking for my brother he has pain for 8 months, the pain started gradually without any extreme move or lifting heavy weight. He struggle most when he wakes up in the morning more pain can’t bind his back for about 30 min, then after few hours at work start hurting again.
When he uses belt to support his lower back feels less pain.
He’s 40 years old, 190 cm, 82 kg and no overweight.
He went to check and this the results of MRI, could you please advise us what to do? And options do we have?
> L5-S1 IVD shows circumferential disc bulge resulting in corresponding thecal sac indentation.
> L4-5 IVD shows decreased disc height and hydration with circumferential disc bulge and RT paracentral acute annular tear resulting in corresponding thecal sac indentation & bilateral lateral epidural recesses & foraminal narrowing more on the LT side.
> Straightening of the lordotic curvature.
> Normal vertebral alignment.
Thank you very much

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