Dilip Parekh asked 1 year ago

I am 19 years old male, recently I had Infected with Dengue, and at that time I had done various reports i.e. CBC, ESR, Lipid Profile, HIV Test, Thyroid Test, Liver and Kidney Function test and ECG and Sonography of Full Abdobment.  And Report shows that my Pulse count is around 120, my BP is 90/140,  Vitamid D level is 20  and uric acid in blood is between 6 & 7. I lost 10 kg of my weight since last 18 months. What is wrong with me?

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 9 months ago

Slight rise in BP and Pulse rate or uric acid is very common during viral infections like dengue. You may take vitamin d supplements. Poor appetite after dengue might be a reason for weight loss. Also get a blood sugar test.

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