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Ikhtiar asked 7 years ago

Sir I am 22 years old boy, sometime when I wake up in the morning I feel dizziness except if I am staying straight. when I try to take a Left or right side or attempt to stand up I feel sudden dizziness so I stay straight and wait 30 to 50 minutes than I come to the normal condition… in few months this happend to me two times…. sir please guide me why this happend to me and to whom I should contact???

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

This may be a case of POSTURAL HYPOTENSION in which, the blood supply to the brain decreases when the person rise from bed or chair, or while changing posture, thus causing dizziness. You should consult a cardiologist for further evaluation and proper diagnosis to start the treatment immediately. You can also call a doctor at free doctor helpline to discuss your symptoms further.

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