Rittikka asked 7 years ago

I am 21. I had sex on 21-23 of July. We used condoms. My periods were due on 3-4 of August. I did not get them either in August or in September. The urine pregnancy test (Preganews)which I did at home (I followed all instructions, and used the first urine) showed negative results in the second week of August and also of September. I have acne on my face, I am getting white vaginal discharge, muscle cramps in lower abdomen and also I am always tired.  I have a case of hypo thyroid. For which I am taking medications. Could I be pregnant?

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

Chances of pregnancy is not there is condoms are used properly. Just pimples or vaginal discharge cant be concluded to be the symptom of pregnancy. You can go for Beta HCG test if you suspect pregnancy. There might be other reasons for missed periods like low body weight, low haemoglobin, hormonal imbalance etc

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