Ana Linn asked 4 years ago

My period is irregular and comes anywhere from the 8-14th, according to my period tracking app I am 8 days late although I just started and currently have the pms symptoms and i do not know how accurate those apps are. I had sex once on the 27th of August, and once on the 30th. I used the withdrawal method on the 27th but a condom on the 30th. Although reducing quantity, in My current symptoms include muscle aches, slight breast soreness (not as much), no spotting, no cramping,I am scared

1 Answers
freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 3 years ago

There remains hardly any chance of pregnancy if withdrawal method or condoms are used properly. Still you may check pregnancy through kit after a week of due date of menses, if you do not get your periods on time.

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