Olivia Fitzpatrick asked 6 years ago

I am going skiing in 2 weeks and have high arches. This means that when I run for a long time I get immense soreness and pain in the balls of both of my feet. I went skiing last year and knowing my feet would be very sore I brought with me some gel pads for my metatarsals. Unfortunately, however, these were cheap ones I purchased from Amazon and didn’t help with the pain. I was wondering whether you could recommend me some skiing insoles that would help this problem and would arrive before next Wednesday (so not custom made ones from a plaster mold) Thank you

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

You should consider the following points while buying a sling insole:
How high AN arch does one have, and the way long or short is it?
If you have got AN arch that’s fairly average tall and length, you’ll do fine with a trim-to-fit footbed. attempt standing on a sample footbed on a tough surface together with your feet riding breadth apart and see however it feels. Trim-to-fit footbeds are available numerous heights, therefore you’ll have many choices to undertake. If the position of your arch is additional ahead than average, you’ll be able to generally get ensuing larger size and trim the length of the footbed toe. If the size or form of your feet don’t match up well with stock trim-to-fits, you’ll be a candidate for a custom footbed.

How stable is your foot after you weight it?
Does it turn or supinate? If your arch collapses considerably after you weight it, or if your articulatio talocruralis rolls inward (pronation) or outward (supination) after you weight it, you’ll nearly definitely have the benefit of victimisationfootbeds. raise a bootfitter whether or not or not custom footbeds area unit the simplest answer.

Do you have a problem with instep height in your boots?
Instep height is usually mistaken for arch height – the 2 area unit typically associated, however not essentiallytherefore. Instep is that the sensitive bony space on the highest of your midfoot, whereas arch is underneath your foot. It’s potential to possess a awfully low arch and still expertise tightness at the instep. If you have got a decent matchover the instep with the skinny stock footbed in situ, adding one with a lot of support might build the matter worse.

Can I use the orthotics my chiropodist created for my street shoes in my ski or snowboard boots?
Some individuals do, though arduous orthotics (especially 0.5 length) {can be|are typically|will be|is|may be} uncomfortable in arduous flat-bottom boots and area unit often too wide to suit a ski boot shell. Ski-specific footbeds supply identical form of custom support along side some flexibility and superior artefact – bear in mind that bootinteriors area unit usually rock arduous, whereas street and trainers have some provide. Orthotics also are meant to be corrective, whereas most custom footbeds support and balance instead of correct a problem. Orthotics area unit solelycreated by certified Pedorthists and Podiatrists.

Can I swap the footbeds I’m victimisation in my recent boots over to the new ones?
In all chance, yes. As long as they’re physically intact and don’t smell regrettable, there’s no reason to not apply a footbed you’re happy with if the length of your new boots is that the same.

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