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Vani Surendra asked 7 years ago

My age is 43yrs. I have seen a gynaec due to heavy bleeding after menstrual periods for a long time ie. 30 dys. Upon a Scan, I am diagnosed with Mildly bulky Uterus of ET 10 mm . My doctor suggested TEXAKIND MR & M2 Tone Forte. Bleeding reduced when used the above medicine for 5 dys. After stopping the medication, again bleeding spotted on a regular basis, and some times heavy bleeding. Again see the doctor and she advised to continue the medication. I am not able to guess which is menstrual bleeding due to above condition. I am suffering for last 3 months now. Kindly advise\’, if I can continue the same medication? How long it will take to be treated and get back to normalcy. Is surgery required to remove Uterus? Kindly advise

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

The doctor has correctly prescribed you these medicines. If continued, the bleeding should stop. However, if the bleeding is continuing even after 3 months of medication, surgical removal of uterus remains the only option. 
You may chat a gynecologist at our website for further clarification or consult a doctor further clarifications.

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