Colbie asked 6 years ago

Pain and swelling the penis, pelvic area, scrotum area accompanied with pain in the lower abdomen. Symptoms have been going on for roughly about 6 hours. Have taken anti-inflammatories and iced areas. Me and my fiance noticed the swelling during an extended foreplay which Slava was used as the lubricant and things got a little rough between my fiance and my penis but I did not hear any snaps or anything like that or have any immediate severe pains. I understand that without proper lubricant things can become inflamed but the amount of pain in the amount of inflammation doesn’t seem to correlate with me. The information has made my penis about four times its soft size and about a quarter inch of skin above the head of my penis. There has been no pain during urination other than pulling back the skin that has been swollen above my penis, nor is any blood president urination. I have recently been cleared of STDs so I don’t feel that is an option.

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

Dont worry, this is not any kind of STD. Due to hard mastrubation or foreplay, the blood inside your penis might remain temporarily trapped inside the penis veins. This might give rise to a swollen penis for next few hours. This might also give some pain. Gradually, as the blood returns back to the main body, the penis regains its normal flaccid size. Nothing to worry.

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