Meri asked 7 years ago

Age is 51 and had cough for months. Non smoker but is living with a smoker. Doctors said that the cough is an allergy from the smoke. Just had her 3rd xray last month since she had a cough that seems to not ago away and the results say: hazy and ill-defined opacities in both lungs, more at the bases. Heart is not enlarged. Aorta is calcified. Diaphragm and costophrenic sulci are intact. Visualized osseous structures demonstrate degenerative changes. What could this mean? Thank you.

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

Lung opacity might be because of Neoplasm: benign or malignant. Granuloma: tuberculosis. Infection: roundish pneumonia. Your condition needs to be throughly investigated to diagnose the exact reason for the opacity and start the appropriate medication/treatment. To further know about your problem, discuss with our online doctor panel at free doctor helpline.

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