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aaa asked 7 years ago

I have left side stomach pain line with belly button and under the ribs.Pain comes and goes.Taking tab Librax. Little improvement is there. Sometimes lower back pain and leg pain is also there.Did sonography,reports are normal.Please advice.

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

As you have already got the ultrasonography, which is normal, the serious consequences like pancreatitis has already been ruled out. Now, the most probable reason for this pain is gas and acidity. There might be minor ulcers too which are seldom identified through sonography, and can be clearly seen through endoscopy. Librax is correct medication for gas, acidity and minor stomach ulcers. Please continue it for some more days. Hopefully, this will correct the problem. If not, get an endoscopy done to find the exact cause for problem.

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