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Debal Ray asked 8 years ago

I heard there is a laser based root canal treatment, which is fast and painless. How long does it take for the procedure? What would be indicative cost of treatment? I am from Kolkata.

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 8 years ago

Laser Dentistry is an advanced system and well established in dentistry in developed countries and it is extremely useful in various dental conditions. We consider Laser Technology as a boon to Dentistry and our special emphasis on Laser Assisted Treatments is putting us on the forefront of Dentistry World.
Two kinds of LASER machines are used for different procedures:
Hard Tissue Laser

  • Er:YAG

Soft Tissue Laser 

  • Nd:YAG 
  • Diode Laser 
  • Co2 Laser

Advantages of Lasers over conventional Technologies :

  1. No need for dental drills. 
  2. Treatment of pyorrhea (Bleeding Gums) without surgery by laser. 
  3. Painless root canal treatment by laser. 
  4. Cosmetic & facial treatment by laser. 
  5. Analgesic effect minimum Anesthetic requirement. 
  6. Single step procedure for TEETH whitening. 
  7. Immediate relief from painful oral ulcers & tooth sensitivity. 
  8. Effective Treatment of restricted mouth opening (OSMF) by laser. 
  9. Bloodless dental & oral procedure – so less or no swelling , pain & pain & drugs. 
  10. Faster & better healing. 
  11. Laser assisted wisdom tooth removal.

In kolkata,it is available at
Apollo White Dental Clinic, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Day Care centre, 58, Canal Circular Road, Kolkata-700054
Phone : 033 – 2320 2122 , 08334856343

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