Laura asked 7 years ago

The end of May, I had a UTI that took 3 antibiotics to get rid of. Shortly after, I started feeling irritated. I was given Diflucan and that seemed to help for a few days. During this time, I was told that my swab showed no yeast, but clue cells so I was then prescribed Flagyl. I went back because irritation persists. This swab showed no yeast or clue cells, indicating the Flagyl worked. I was then told “you are extremely red” and referred to a gyn for next week. Also given Diflucan for a week this time. I am so afraid that this is something bad, like cancer. I have no other symptoms other than irritation/burning that even also occurs on my behind. I am not sexually active. In fact, I am a virgin. Please someone, give me some insight.

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