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SHANKAR ROY asked 7 years ago

My son is suffering from Dandy Walker SYNDROME since his birth. VP and CP shunt was done in the year 2005. But in the April 2017 I noticed at least 3 days he refused to take food and crying whole day and night. Same thing again repeated in the month of may and june also. His urin and stoll is normal. Is it a case of shunt malfunction? HE is taking Sodiam valpote oral solution 7.5ml and 10ml, Tab zonimaside 50mg and 100mg and tab frisium 5mg at night. His age is now 12year 6month. We are witnessing one or two episode of convalsion each day since 2005. No medicine can stop his convalsion completely.

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

Dandy–Walker syndrome usually cause life long disability. VP and CP shunt was done 12 years back. So the current status of the shunt must be reviewed through MRI. Medicines which you are continuing are absolutely fine. However it is quiet normal to have occasional convulsions in such cases. You will have to be in regular touch of your neurologist to adjust the dose of the medicines and review the current status of the patient.

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