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samrat asked 6 years ago

im samrat i had some encounter last two months with a lady i meet in my new workplace i don’t know of her hiv status bt she told me she had alot of men in her life. One day she paid me a visit in my room I was so horny i removed her clothes excepts her pants so she went to bathroom & washed herself then she came back. i rub my erect bare penis on her butt cheeks while she was wearing underwear & cum but NO penetration on her rectum or anus & after three weeks i developed sore throats & cough with mucus that lasted for a week then after one months i develop some red spots on my hands neck, fever , diarrhorrea when i visit my Dr iwas diagnosed with typhoid & stomach gastric after medication am recovering. Im so scared will that put me at risk of hiv infection 
1. suppose her undewear was soaked with rectal secretion or vaginal fluids 
2. Is it possible to get hiv via underwear with No penetration
3. What if my erect penis reach between her butt cheeks but Not anus or rectum as she was wearing underwear 
4. Should this signs i develop after that incidence needs to worry me 

1 Answers
freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

No one canacquire HIV from objects (except sharing needles). There is no chance of transmission of HIV in your case. The symptoms you are getting is because of typhoid and gastritis. They are noway related to HIV.

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