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john Staff asked 5 years ago

Hello, I will be giving a full review of my sexual past within the last 2 months, to hope to see if any of you guys could help me out here.  July 9th, 2017, I had coitus with a female. I am a 21 years old male, and I typically do not have coitus a lot. August 9th, 2017, I had coitus with her again. I later found out from her adding me on fb, that she was very sexualized and she told me flat out she had lots of sexual partners and that her EX-BF was a heroin user. Obviously, myself being a rational and objective person this freaked me out (we met on a dating website just in-case you guys are wondering).  Each 2 encounters with her I had unprotected vaginal sex (dumb I know). Symptoms and date of symptoms: August 11th, is when my first symptoms began. I had a very bad pain, almost like burning sensation in my epitrochlear nodes for 1-2 days.Then this feeling went to my wrists, my hands, and then near the thigh/groin area, (and they were bi-symmetrical). Also around this time, I developed nausea, loss of appetite, and being unable to poop for 3-4 days.  August 14th, I went to lab corp and I got a HIV RNA test, and it came out negative. August 16th, I went to the doctor and I got these tests (they all came back negative/normal): CBC with differential/plateletCMP, Comp. Metabolic PanelChlamydia/GC amp. HIV AntibodyTSH Rfx on Abnormal to Free T4RPR From here on out to now, I feel stiffness and seldom pain in my neck, I still seldom get flare ups of pain in my epitrochlear nodes; recently I have developed what seems to be some form of Peurephiral Neuropathy. I mainly feel my big toe on each foot to hurt, along with my hands, seldom. Note: I know symptoms of HIV is enlarged swollen lymph nodes, mine are not enlarged or swollen from what I can tell, but I still feel them hurting, why is that? Why am I feeling PN? What is the verdict? Are my tests conclusive, or will I have HIV? Why do I feel the way I do? My doctor urged to me that I am basically stressing myself out or am having sometime of placebo effect, but that is not possible, for these symtpoms occured before I started looking them up (which omits placebo effect and confirmation bias).   

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