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I haven’t seen a doctor in years, so I’m sorry if this is a lot or if I sound weird.
The past few days, I’ve experienced a very mild burning sensation in the back of my left calf, and an occasional pinching or needle-poke sensation in the back of my thigh. I’ve ignored it at first since I sit cross-legged a lot (I have for years) and thought I just needed to get up, move, and change position. I have tried stretching. I’m fairly sedentary and don’t exercise much if at all. Diet needs improvement.
I went to a clinic recently and was diagnosed with a small respiratory infection, which I’ve been taking medication for and finishing today. I don’t know if it’s connected, as the burning started before this issue. I do have restless legs (undiagnosed) and take an over-the-counter muscle cramp relief medicine, usually once a day before bed. I also have occasional heart flutters, and have since I was a teenager after several months of taking Ritalin. My doctor at the time wasn’t too concerned, nor was an ER doctor I saw at the time. I don’t know if those are related to my current leg issue. I also partly suspected a small case of mold in a closet in my apartment, but I have my doubts considering it’s a reoccurring problem.
Medical history is that my mother recently (September 2019) passed from pancreatic cancer, and she had thyroid issues and polycystic ovaries. I myself have been diagnosed with asthma in the past, and have ADHD. Whether or not I also have thyroid and ovarian issues isn’t diagnosed or known, but somewhat suspected on my part. I do get pain as described with ovarian cysts. I have no outward signs of thyroid issues (no swelling or pain).
The bottom line is, I know I’m not healthy. I also know I have no medical insurance and limited funds. I don’t know what this is and just need someone to tell me what’s going on. I also know online consultation is limited. I just need an outside opinion. Please.

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