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atul gupta asked 7 years ago

My son 18 year old ,weight 71.3kg ,height 163cm,having excess fat around chest area,due to which he feels discomfort and lack of confidence.His recent pathological reports are as here underHomocysteine- 42.4 umol/LVitamin D – 13.01ng/mlProlactin – 23.37 ng/mlHDL CHOLESTEROL DIRECT – 33 mg/dlTC/HDL CHOLESTEROL RATIO – 5.2 ratioMean Corpuscular Volume (MCV) – 104.6 fLMean Corp. Hemo.Conc(MCHC )- 28.5 g/dLRed Cell Distribution Width- SD(RDW-SD) – 58.2 fL Red Cell Distribution Width(RDW – CV) – 15.9 %Growth Hormone – <0.05Rest of his test regarding Hormone (FSH,LH,Testosterone etc) , thyroid, diabetes,lever,kidney,Hb,VitaminB12 etc are ok and in normal range.Doctor please let me know what complication he is having as per reports.He is also suffering with skin psoriasis problem.Kindly help.

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