Elysssa asked 8 years ago

Pain on right side of my head;which effects my temple,top of skull,right cheek,pain and pressure on back side of sinusand around eye. Feeling as thoughi cant get something unclogged from my sinus and needing to swallow a huge snot clog had a siezure 11 months ago and since space out alot(didnt relize until i made dinner and put wrong thing into something and relized after i finished) family doctor had mri w/c 10 months ago which showed nothing ,went to ent who said there was no sign of infection and my sinuses were clear ordered at ct w/c which showed a small cyst in left maxillary(no pain on left side of head),calibar of the ostiomeatal units are smaller than usually seen,and right maxillary is greatly largerthan left. I am now being told by ent that he cannot help and has sent me to neurologist,who i have an appointment with in two months,thepain and pressure has become horrible i want to stick somthing into throat to just try to relieve pain,and scared of spacing out with not knowing if and when it happens I am not sure of what to do this is new and i havenever had these problems before i never had headaches in my life.what could this be?

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 8 years ago

Your question is not clear and complicates and confuses with too many issues. Please consult your local physician to sort our the issues regarding your health. We are not clear about your query

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