Michelle asked 7 years ago

Yesterday, I fell from four feet headfirst. My head, being the object of impact, has been in pain today, and I have felt really dizzy upon waking up. When I bent down to grab something this morning, i fell over sideways from being so dizzy. I don’t know whether this is something worth checking out, as my pupils are still reactive. Should i go to hospital or not, i really don’t have time to go if its not worth it. 

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

Hope, you hadn’t had vomiting! Dizziness might be due to some impact upon your head. If the problem persists for some more time, we would suggest you to get a CT SCAN or MRI of head done, to find out any internal injury/bleeding in the head. Although, the situation is not worrisome as any such injury inside the brain is always followed by unconsciousness and vomiting. Just to get completely sure, you could get the above tests done.

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