ravi asked 7 years ago

human influenza A is Positiveswine influenza A is Positiveswine influenza H1 Positivein the method of RT PCR these are the report given in hospital and present patient condition is good,they are discharged into hospital,they said to me come after one week.So please give a suggestion to me what is the condition of patient..what can i do

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

Influenza is a type of viral infection. The infection recovers on its own in matter of days. Usually, the line of treatment followed is symptomatic, like keeping the body hydrated, fever control and so on. As you have already recovered out of the symptoms, you need not to worry and can go home. Just focus on diet and take rest for few more days. Symptoms like body ache or headache can last for few more days. You need not to worry regarding this. 

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