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Donna Staff asked 4 years ago

My baby is 6 months old. He just started solids. He has cold since last week, he ate bitter gourd puree last week ( March 4). After that, he hadn’t taken any other solid food. He is an exclusively breastfed baby. Last Saturday, I’ve noticed that his stool was green. Sunday, he had loose bowel, still green. Then Monday up to today he has low grade fever (38- 38.9 C) He poops 2x-3x a day, yellowish green to green stool with mucus. Is it a diarrhea? Does he need to take any meds. He is only taking paracetamol drops for his fever. I keep on giving him my breastmilk. He used to take 26-32 oz of breastmilk per day ( I express my milk and he drinks it from a bottle since I am a working Mom) Now, he only consumes 20 oz per day.

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