JT asked 7 years ago

I have had a recurring foot issue for about 6 years now. It happens about every year or so. It is a general pain on the top and side of my foot, near to the toes. It would be on the left side of my left foot. I can barely walk when it happens whenever I put weight on it. Just sitting it is just a dull pain but not bad. I have not done anything differently or any different shoes, or any other activity. When it first happened I went to a doctor and they sent me around different places for x-ray and MRI, but this was over the course of like 3 weeks, so the pain was gone already. What could cause something like this?

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

Pain in the area mentioned by you might be because In this area of the foot the tendons that go to the toes can become inflamed. This is called extensor tendonitis. … More generalized pain on the top of the foot with swelling or a “thickness” to the foot may be caused by degenerative arthritis. This can be diagnosed only with the help of X-Ray or suggested MRI. Please undertake these tests and start the medications as suggested by your doctor

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