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Mohsin Amin asked 6 years ago

Mohsin .age 21 ,engineering student Before 6 months i wasn’t able to write anything I was having jerky movements in write hand’s index finger,not able to write even my name Then i consulted a neurologist ,he said it is focal dystonia (graphospasm ) /rather writers cramp. cause wasn’t able to write anything but recommend me certain drugs like Paciwin ,revocan ,gabavit For almost 3 moths increasing doses after interval of 1 month . But i got little helped to write by this treatment ,whenever i forget to take drugs ,some sensation starts in my whole arm including index finger of right hand and medium pain beneath shoulder blade, then i deliberately stopped to take medicines becuase of high drowsiness and of only increasing doses by doctor. Then i thought i should give some relief to my hand and arm by not writting almost for one month so that it will be cured by exercises and massage.. during these days i wasn’t having any pain in arm nor beneath shoulder blade But after some weeks same

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

Lifestyle changes is also necessary, to cut back the kinds of movement doubtless to trigger or worsen dystonic symptoms. this may give some relief. Reducing stress, obtaining lots of rest, moderate exercise, and relaxation techniques may also facilitate.

Botox injections cannot cure dystonia, however they will facilitate to alleviate symptoms. Botox could be acommercially ready sort of neurotoxin. it’s injected directly into the affected muscles. It stops the neurotransmitters that area unit accountable for muscle spasms from reaching the affected muscles. the consequences sometimes last for three months, so another injection are necessary.

Clonazepam is Associate in Nursing anti-seizure medication that’s typically prescribed. However, it’s a restrictedresult, and adverse reactions embody cognitive state, sedation, mood swings, and STM loss.

Anticholinergics area unit a kind of medication that treat some styles of focal dystonia, and that they area unit effective in some folks. Anticholinergics work by obstruction the discharge of a neurochemical known as neurotransmitter. neurotransmitter is thought to cause muscle spasms in some cases of dystonia.

It has been prompt that cannabidiol, one amongst the non-psychoactive cannabinoids found in hemp, might cut backdystonic symptoms. However, this has not been confirmed, and scientists need any studies, particularly as cannabis use has been connected to substance abuse and adverse effects.

Dystonia could be a womb-to-tomb disorder, and extremely few folks expertise a remission. lifetime is traditional, however symptoms persist. this may mean that patients have to be compelled to limit sure activities.

As patients learn to measure with dystonia, physicians will facilitate them to manage symptoms by pain relief medicines and adapting movement and posture.

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