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JH asked 7 years ago

Hello Doctor,I am a male, 28 years old, height: 174cm and weight: 67kg.I had donated blood yesterday afternoon (first time donating blood) and my pre-donation Hb. level was 17.2. I am feeling fine until last night and took an iron pill before i went to bed. I got shortness of breathe and find it hard to breathe. I suddenly woke up from my sleep and got this feeling of fainting/dying. My heart was beating very fast and it was hard to breathe. It took awhile for me to feel better. This morning i woke up with a strange feeling. My heart feels like being squeezed until now and abit hard to breathe. May i know what is happening?

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

The feeling of uneasiness or dizziness might follow after blood donation because of fall in blood pressure or blood glucose level. However, those who experience this report the symptoms only till few hours after blood donation. The symptoms you are experiencing are more due to psychological stress due to the blood donation you had. Don’t be overstressed and try to relax and engage yourself. If still, you feel that the symptoms persist, you may consult cardiologist or general physician online at Freedoctorhelpline and get further insight into your health problem.

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