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Allie asked 8 years ago

Im 20 years old and have been experiencing back pain for about 5 years, but I can see extreme changes in it becoming worse within the past few months.  A little history about myself; I am a female that\\\’s 5\\\’6 and 115lbs. I live a pretty active lifestyle for the most part, I try to be adventuring outdoors as much as my body allows it. I also live on a farm, so there is plenty of manual labor that comes along with that as well. I am on the Depo-Provera shot as well which has been known to cause vitamin D deficiency.  My father was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease at 25. Since then he has had 4 neck surgeries, and 5 lower back surgeries (not sure about specific details) But this has been something that has caused him a great deal of distress and loss of overall quality of life. (My 2 aunts, and grandmother had DDD as well) Any doctor I have seen including my chiropractor looks at me like I am either exaggerating, or being dramatic. But I know the difference between having a little bit of muscle pain from strenuous activity, and doing something as simple as taking a few mile hike and being in extreme pain for up to a week following. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, and am trying my hardest not to let this effect my everyday life but I know that I am too young for something so small to have such a huge impact on my body.  The only way I can describe the pain is a very agitating ache in my lower back. It will become so swollen that you can visually see it lining both sides of my spine. Its impossible to get comfortable, and it seems like I get the most relief from standing although when it does flair up I only have the strength to do that in short intervals before I have to sit back down. In the worst cases I will experience an extremely sharp pain in my hip that runs down the better half of my leg which I have been told could be a pinched nerve. The pain is sometimes so debilitating that I can\\\’t walk, and can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.  So I guess what I\\\’m asking is, is it possible for me to have inherited my fathers bad back? Could vitamin D be the key factor here? Any suggestions or advice is very much appreciated.  At this point I just don\\\’t know what to do. I can\\\’t afford going to dozens of doctors appointments to get a run-around of different \\\”try this\\\”, \\\”try that\\\”, \\\”It could be\\\”, and \\\”I think it\\\’s\\\”. I live in a very small community, and the medical resources are not the best by any means. Where I should start, and how I should approach this situation in order to get my point across, and get real answers..     

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