thills asked 7 years ago

i have got tooth scrach which bleed little by my 3 month old pup.
My pup’s rabies vacination course is not yet started as per Vet advose it will be atarted on 5 th month. so far inly Parvo vacination course is going on for my pet.
and my pup’s activity is looks mormal as routine and she is not showing any agressive behaviour. amd she is going out only inder my supervison and she had not been bitten by any other animals as of now. 
so the question is do inhave to take the complete course of rabies vvacination for the tooth scract what i have got.

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

Post-exposure rabies prophylaxis (PEP) is compulsory if you are bitten by a dog, cat or other animal that is rabid or is suspected to be infected with rabies.
PEP is required under following conditions:
● If the bite has broken the skin and the wound is bleeding.
●  If a mucous membrane has been exposed to saliva from a suspect animal.
●  If the animal that has bitten someone

    1. is killed
    2. disappears during the observation period
    3. displays unusual, erratic behaviour
    4. if laboratory tests of brain material from the suspected or rabid animal is positive.

We would suggest you to get yourself vaccinated.

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