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Christia asked 7 years ago

Hi there, I have been diagnosed about 6 years ago with IBS. I have a mixed of symptoms from constipation to diarrhoea.
Feeling pain and dizzy before going to the toilet and then relief.
Last month though one evening I was feeling dizzy, nauseous, had diarrhoea and I could barely stand. I had to lie down on the bed. Going to the toilet did not help at all. So I just stayed in bed all night and felt better in the morning. This happened again last night. I was out with a friend for one coffee, had a few cigarettes (i usually dont smoke) and then a small beer. All in four – five hours frame. By the end of our meeting i had to go three times to the toilet. And then when time comes for us to go i feel super nauseous, dizzy and an urge to throw up(even tho i didnt) or go to the bathroom(that again i didnt after the first three times) I was also feeling very shaky and cold.
I took a pill so i wouldnt throw up and something for the burnt sensation I felt in my stomach/chest and after a couple of hours I could stand and drive home.
Do you have any idea if this is an extreme case of my IBS? Or if its getting worse because period is coming closer?
I understand that coffee, cig and alcohol dont help at all but these two times it just been too much. Could this be something else?

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

Surely this is related to IBS. Period has also made it worse compounded by alcohol and coffee. Nothing to worry. Just take the regular medication which you have for IBS. Keep yourself hydrated. You will be fine in few days.

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