P KUMAR asked 7 years ago

Question: sir height 167 cm weight 100 kg age 56 Diabetes since 11 years maximum score of sugar around 280 occ. due to uncontrolled eating even with pills (DPP 4 +metformin )..A1c 6.5…cardiac MRI –inflammatory cardiomyopathy borderline..associated VPC under control by metoplorol 50 mg twice….now I want change in medicine but sulforiya medicines can increase weight….acarbose/voglibose do not work properly…DPP4 not so work as require…new medicine was offered by doctor was that..sodium glucose transporter..but afraid of kidney damage..other wise best(cretenine around 1)..other offer was doctor —slow release insulin injection..but this can also increase weight..otherwise good…kindly guide me any other option ..I have sometime over eating problem….p kotecha 

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

You have already explored much of the available options. Over eating is a habit which you must quit in view of your high blood sugar level. Slow release insulin injection is a good option for you. You have a wrong conception that this increases weight. It is no way this can increase the weight. Moreover, as you have a perfectly healthy kidneys which is depicted by your creatinine level, you need not to worry about any harmful impact of sodium glucose transporter on your kidneys and easily go with this as suggested by your doctor.

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