Monika asked 4 years ago

Dear Doctors,

my name is Monika, I am 39. In my past, I have dealt with asthma, recurrent magnesium and potassium deficiency, as well as with anemia. I am also allergic to all kinds of molds, cheese, some of the spices and medicines.

Nowadays I suffer from hyperglycemia: my blood sugar level reaches sometimes 150 mg/dl, but the average equals 120 mg/dl. I have lowered blood pressure, sometimes reaching 92/60 mmHg. I observed irregular heartbeat from time to time. Despite my usual gaining weight tendency, I am losing my weight (on average 1 kg per week), even though I eat the same quality and quantity of food. I easily get tired and I am lacking energy. My slowed down performance and recurring morning vertigos, as well as problems with mental agility and disturbing somnolence, make my life miserable. I have nightmares and sleep apnea (when sleeping on my back). I became very nervous recently. I noticed, that at the same temperature level I feel much colder that, supposedly, last year. Particularly after a tiring day, my palms and toes go numb. My hair is growing only half a centimeter per month and is in a very bad condition. The same I can say about my nails.
Please, help me discover, what could be the reason for my symptoms, and tell me how possibly could I treat the disease. What kind of doctor should I visit? Yours respectfully,
Monika Polak

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1 Answers
freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 2 years ago

Check your Thyroid level i.e. T3, T4, and TSH. Low BP of 92/60 mmHg can be sometimes very dangerous. Consult an endocrinologist as this is either your diabetes or the thyroid which is behind all the underlying problems.

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