jamie asked 7 years ago

Hi,   I need an advice regarding the possibility of being pregnant. I\\\’m a virgin. Me and my boyfriend were messing around yesterday somewhat and things got a bit *hot*. We didn\\\’t have penetrative sex, but he fingered me and I gave him a handjob. He touched his penis- while pulling it out of his pants- but then I immediately started giving him a handjob so the contact was brief and I don\\\’t think there was any precum as his penis was not even fully erected yet. After a few moments he began unzipping my jeans, etc (so he definitely has brushed his fingers against my clothes) and then fingered me (but not very deep). Also it was day 21 of my cycle  (usually my cycle varies from 27 to 31 days, so I guess my ovulation should has happened already). I understand that chances of me getting pregnant are very low but still… should I be worried?

1 Answers
freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

There is no reason for you to worry. There is no chance of pregnancy in your case.

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