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Alyza asked 7 years ago

 I been having unusual symptoms for periods of weeks by now. They are irregular and come and go. It first started with shortness of breath, anxiety and tingling on arms and legs. It came out of nowhere while I was simply sitting down, I thought it would go away but it never did. It came back some other days but in shorter amounts. I didn’t think it was serious but one day these symptoms came but in a more brusque way and with tingling on my face this time, I had to lay down for over an hour until the symptoms went away. 
Its been weeks since that happened and I don\’t get the shortness of breath anymore but mostly get constant headaches, anxiety, tingling on face, pain mostly in my right arm but can come in the left one too, dizziness and periods of blurry vision. They just come and go. They appear mostly at night. I\’m 14 years old girl and have a normal weight and have had a normal health for what I know. Could this be a serious issue? Could I be having something else and not a heart attack? How necessary is it for me to go to a doctor right away? If I go with a doctor do I have to tell them I fear I might be having a heart attack or do they foresee it on their own? Thank you, I would be extremely grateful to get some answers

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

At the tender of age of 14, heart attack is the most un-imaginable thing. The symptoms you mentioned might be because of low haemoglobin level, which is very common in girls of this age. This also might be due to hormonal imbalance or vitamin deficiencies. If the symptoms persist, get yourself examined by a doctor for correct diagnosis and treatment. However, the apprehension of yours regarding the heart attack is not feasible.

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