Meg asked 7 years ago

Hello, I have been experiencing weird symptoms. Any advice you can give will help. Please keep in mind this has been ongoing a few years and that it is getting worse. -Insomnia -dry mouth -dehydration -waking up very thirsty or drooling on myself or both (even when sleeping on my back) -lucid dreams -severe swings between extreme hunger and extreme lack of hunger -sharp stabbing pains in stomach -lack of energy from just not feeling like getting off the couch to able to do some things (but not like I used too) -Feeling of heaviness in legs -cold constantly -cold to the touch (when I touch my own skin but I will feel cold and others will say you don\\\\\\\’t feel cold to me you are burning up) -when I put my hands in water, like a bath the water will feel comfortable but when I stick my feet in it will feel like the water is way too hot. -popping or rice crispy sound in head, kind of towards the center I guess around the brain stem? -weight gain, and inability to loose weight easily -constantly wanting to sleep There are others this is just what I can think of. Please any advice or help you can give is appreciated. I just want to feel alive again, to have energy to do things and feel like myself.

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

The several symptoms you mentioned may be indicate of several health conditions like diabetes, thyroid disorder, calcium deficiency or vitamin D deficiency. A thorough whole body checkup, and more specifically, the above mentioned tests is required in your case so that the exact nature of problem could be diagnosed and effective treatment could be planned. Please ask a doctor on call at free doctor helpline for further guidance.

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