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Ali Tahir asked 7 years ago

Hi. I really need some help . To get to the point I am a 27 year old male. I was under the influence and had unprotected anal sex for the first time ever three months ago. I cant believe we were so stupid about how carelessly this happened and I regret it with all my being now. It was rough and it hurt so we had to stop. I do not think my anus has fully recovered. It has not felt the same since as I have had on and off pains and discomfort in that general area since; mild internal pain every now and then for day or two at a time. Fastforward to now my anus gets sore on one side or the other everyday. No itching at all ever. During this time I kept checking for visual signs and some days the anus ring would just look inflammed and somedays i was just experiencing discomfort inside, somedays it was just sore in areas. As of now It hurts and looks like when your skin gets damaged by friction. A week ago that wasnt the case – but this is it in its full form. I cannot figure out what it is, hemmorroids / fissures / herpes / an STD I cannot tell – and it just refuses to completely heal – there are days when i barely feel any issue but then it starts all over again. For some reason i also have a hunch that it gets aggrevated by my working out. I am extremely embarassed of this – i live in an extremely conservative part of the world culturally and religiously so going to the doctor and dealing with it is going to be a very difficult situation for me. If only someone can give me any idea as to what it could be it’d be immensely helpful. I cannot explain the stress and discomfort this is causing me.
I have attached pictures below (view at your own discretion).

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

Anal herpes is one STD much prevelant among gay community. Anal herpes is an infection caused by the herpes virus that erupts as sores or blisters around the anus, the opening through which bowel movements pass. … Symptoms of anal herpes include: red bumps or white blisters. pain and itching around the anus.
If you find any such symptoms, get yourself checked by a dermatologist for correct diagnosis and treatment.

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