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April Schoolcraft asked 6 years ago

There are a ton of low carb/no carb fad diets out there. Would you recommend Keto or Atkins for 39 year old female? She is 5’3 weighing 170.00.

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

Keto vs Atkins – the better one?

At face price, the keto diet and Atkins appear to be pretty similar, since they each specialise in low carb — and that’s wherever individualsget confused. however as you currently apprehend, there square measure huge variations in outcome from every.

The ketogenic diet could be a terribly precise thanks to eat to vary your metabolism and what your body uses for energy. though it comes with the inconvenience of activity food and following organic compound levels, there square measure currently supplements that drastically aid with this, and also the results square measure priceless for your health and successfulness.

While the Atkins diet is incredibly simple to follow, it’s some true health risks and should not bring identical forceful advantages one willexpect from following the additional rigorous tips of the ketogenic diet.

So, once considering the argument of symptom versus Atkins, it’s a fairly clear alternative that symptom offers far better long run health advantages once you get accustomed implementing it in your life.

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