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Natural remedies and therapy for kidney Stones

Natural remedies and therapy for kidney stones or kidney stones are created of concrete or aggregations of crystals of dissolved minerals in the kidneys in urine formed. Kidney stones are a typical trigger of blood in the urine and often severe discomfort in the abdomen, flanks, or groin. Renal colic with nausea and vomiting related to Read More

Kidney cancer

 Kidney Cancer – Symptoms and treatment of kidney cancer

Symptoms and treatment of kidney cancer kidney cancer is an illness of the kidneys, the organs commence curly reddish brown about the size of a small fist, over and above the waist on both sides spine. Kidney cancer is identified in cells of the kidney. They are closer to the back of the body, as Read More

cysts on the sex glands

 Therapy compared to a cysts on the sex glands should always be ready for application of biological methods

Therapy about a sexual gland cysts should usually be ready to use organic techniques Write-up Therapy Cysts on the sex glands may be straightforward or too intense in terms of size and condition of the cysts. These sorts of the tumor are not an imminent danger to life once a lady, but huge cysts and sorts of Read More

stress silent killer

Stress Silent Killer

    Causes of Stress Stress Effects on a human body What Experts Say About Stress       How to Overcome From Stress   Easy and simple way to overcome from Stress / Depression  

what is OCD?

What is OCD?

What is OCD?? OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a psychological wellness condition that revolves around crippling obsessions or impulse, troubling activities, and monotonous musings. A 2001 World Health Organization (WHO) psychological wellness report evaluated that OCD was among the main 20 reasons for sickness related incapacity worldwide for individuals matured 15 to 44 years. The Read More

How to burp a Baby

How to burp a Baby? Tips & technique | A Guide to Burping a Baby

Have you ever noticed your little baby getting crabby and irritable just after or during their feedings? If yes, then it is very likely that the baby has taken in some air along with the milk which is bothering him/her. To tackle these sensitive matters, this blog would provide you with certain simple burping tips, Read More

menstruation cycle

Ignorance About Menstruation cycle Puts Women’s Health at Risk

Menstruation or period is the condition in women in which blood and tissue from the uterus come out of the vagina. Menstruation cycle usually happens every month in girls and women. The menstrual cycle is controlled by hormones like estrogen and progesterone. See: Why Do you Ovulate? According to a study, more than 800 million women Read More

climate change, pregnancy, climate change effect, medical help, pregnancy help

How Climate Change Could Affect Your Pregnancy ?

Climate change threatens human health which may include mental health, access to clean and fresh air, pure water for drinking purposes, nutritious food and shelter. Some people are affected more by climate change than others because of several factors which may include the place where they live, their age, health, income, and also occupation and Read More

adultery, adultery impact, what is adultery, health tips, life hacks, health, life tips, relations

What is Adultery? How it affects our Life!

The term adultery refers to a voluntary extramarital sexual intercourse between two persons who are not married to each other. It may either take place between a married man and someone else’s wife or between a married woman and someone else’s husband, with mutual consents between the two. Whatever the case be, it is considered Read More

lasik, lasik eye surgery, cost, procedure, side effects, price, benefits, eye treatment

LASIK Eye Surgery Procedure, Side Effects and Cost 

LASIK, a type of laser eye surgery, stands for “Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis”. This surgery of LASIK is used to improve and repair the problems of vision. It can address the problems of people who are suffering from refractive error difficulties like farsightedness (hyperopia), short-sightedness (myopia), and/or astigmatism. LASIK engages a surgical process to remove the Read More


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