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Paul asked 7 years ago

I am male 43 yrs old. Do smoke approximately 4 cigarettes per day. Recently done Chest X-Ray and normal blood tests. All came normal.Left side chest discomfort is there. ECG was normal. The GP put a stethoscope and said that nothing to worry my chest is clear. According to him its because of anxiety.Yes, I am anxious about lung cancer. So howcan I rule out Lung Cancer?   So far done: colonoscopy (normal), CBC (normal), ECG/EKG normal. Taking medicine of IBS>

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

However, you don’t have much serious evidence to panic about lung cancer, still for you personal satisfaction, you may go for CT SCAN  of lungs. CT Scan is very effective method to diagnose lung cancer early, as it can show even minute lesions which are ordinarily not visible by X-Ray.

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