Medical Question & AnswersCategory: Women's healthCan I have herpes being a virgin?
Ane Lane asked 7 years ago

Hello, I’m 25 years old woman and a small, red-ish, single bump appeared close to my labia/genital area. It is not the first time it appeared tho, and it looks like to be in the same (or close) spot.  It doesn’t look like a pimple or a ingrown hair problem (I don’t shave there). I’m freaking out bc the symptoms pointed it to be herpes… but I’m a virgin! I mean, I’m a complete virgin. I had never had any sort of oral sex either and it’s been years since I kissed someone. Can It be possible I have herpes? I know there’s a possibility to get it from birth, but it seems unlikely imo. I’m freaking out bc I can’t go to the doctor rn. I need some help!!

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

Reddish single bump can be anything other than herpes. It can be simple pimple or infection of sebaceous gland or hair root infection etc. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have herpes. Herpes usually transmit through skin to skin contact and mostly during sexual relations. There is practically no such chance in your case as you are virgin. Getting it from your parents also seem to be a lesser reason as you had this outbreak at the age of 25 years and not earlier. Moreover, you don’t see any such symptoms in your parents. This appears as if you are over conscious about any such infection. There is not much cause to worry; still, just for your mental satisfaction, you can get it checked by a doctor.

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