Zeeshan Khan asked 7 years ago

Greetings Doctor,
Well, I wish to bring my issue to your notice since I have not yet received any explanation with regards to my seemingly mysterious condition nor any medication which shows any promise of effectiveness. I have been suffering for about 4 years and 10 months now beginning from October 2012 with a brain problem which has altered my life in a drastic way. Let me first give a short introduction about myself and then give the list of the symptoms that I am having trouble with. 
My name is Zeeshan Khan and I am a male of 25 years who is currently residing in Mumbai. I was pursuing my graduation in the field of commerce but could not complete even in my third failed attempt due to my condition and thus have to resort to visiting various doctors (Neurologists to psychiatrist) with no resolution. They instructed me for various brain scan tests such as MRI and CT scan and also brain EEG test which all came out normal to my surprise. The brain problem that I have seems to be related to Dementia (the relation was made by me since the doctors could give me no definitive answer) as far as the symptoms of it is concerned but I cannot be sure if that is the case because Dementia happens with older people and also it is always in the state of decline whereas mine is reversing back to normal with a very slow pace. Here is what is happening to me.  

  1. Trouble with simple mathematical calculations. 
  2. Short term memory loss.
  3. Difficulty recognizing new faces.
  4. Difficulty in spelling. 
  5. Difficulty in understanding what people are saying and losing track in the middle. 
  6. Difficulty in following a story.
  7. Difficulty in understanding allegorical talks.
  8. Constant confusion with occasional highs and lows.
  9. Difficulty in forming a logical conclusion or argument. 
  10. Dizziness and head pain when trying to force myself to understand.
  11. Personality change.
  12. Pressure in my head.
  13. Pain in specific areas in my brain. 
  14. Bleeding sensation in my brain.
  15. Difficulty in forming a sentence. 
  16. Difficulty in learning new information. 
  17. Forgetting recent conversation.
  18. Time distortion (Cannot keep proper mental track of time).
  19. Difficulty in creativity and forming new ideas.
  20. Difficulty in remembering areas or locations.
  21. Feeling light headed and lost.
  22. Brain fog. 
  23. Difficult in solving day to day problems. 
  24. Difficulty in planning and organizing.  

Now much of the above symptoms coincide with the symptoms of Dementia but it can be something completely different. Doctor, I really cannot wrap my brain as to what this could be and what is the solution for it, at least the name of the problem could be helpful and we can start to work our way from there but even to name the “disease” is difficult let alone come up with a cure. I was a brilliant student before this happened to me. I used to read a lot and study and since this happened to me I could hardly spell simple words, currently I am far better than what I used to be and can thus convey my problem to you but this condition is also troubling. As you see I have a corrupted brain, so I have no choice but to use my corrupted brain to inform you about it, which only increases my confusion.   
Thank you,
Zeeshan Khan. 

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