Bhuvan Sharma asked 6 years ago

From Nov.17 at a BP reading of 150/90 my doctor started giving me Blood Pressure Medicines, following are the names of medicines which he has given to me till date,  LN BlOC 10, Prolomet XL25, Cortel 25, Concor 2.5 mg, i wish to know which medicine is more safe and more light in view of strength of medicine as I think Concor 2.5 mg is more light other than other medicines.  On my last visit my BP was 120/80 on 5th Feb 2018 and since then I am taking Concor 2.5 mg.  My another question is that whether it is compulsory to take BP medicines life long as I am 42 years of age. Whether BP medicines has side effects also as when I was taking Prolomet XL 25 I was having personal problems so I am asking this question that whether Concor 2.5. mg is safe or not.  As everytime I fee heaviness in head is it related to BP or its medicines or something else. I know my question is long but I am also hopeful I will get answeres of all my above three questions.  Thanks & Regards, Bhuvan Sharma

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

BP is more a lifestyle problem. Proper diet, regular exercises and medication are the three important aspects of BP management. Your doctor will carefully choose the medicines based upon your health condition and requirements. There are different types of medicines like beta blockers or calcium channel blockers or diuretics which could control blood pressure. There is nothing which is unsafe or hard as you are apprehensive about. Let your doctor choose the suitable medicine for you in its accurate dose. Your doctor may decide to withdraw the medicines if required.

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