divyan asked 4 years ago

Hello sir last year (2016) i was dignosed with Hepatitus E at that time my Bilirubun levels gone to 24(i was hospatilised) .Now from september onwards its fluctuating between 1.6 to 2.8 .Every month i had LFT .Also Hemoglobin report is normal.My enzymes are always normal SGOT=22,SGPT=35 .But iam concerned my bilirubin levels .Right now i am taking Udiliv 150mg & Lactichep for last 1 week ,Now my bilirubin is 2.2 SGOT/SGPT are normals .Please suggest me what to do . I dont feel week (though sometime feels),eyes are very little yellowish .My first urine of the day is yellow all time .Rest of day is normal . Report Bilirubin Total -2.2 Conjugated (Direct) – 1.6 Unconjugater – .6 Albumin 4.1 Globulin 3.8 A/G Ratio – 1.079 SGOT- 24 SGPT-15 Alkaline Phospahate -102

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 3 years ago

Bilirubin is the indicator of your overall liver health. Please abide by the strict diet chart as suggested by you doctor or dietitian. Take regularly your prescriptions drugs. And regularly get LFT TEST.

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