Medical Question & AnswersCategory: InfectionsMy bilirubin levels are not decreasing
divyan asked 7 years ago

Hello sir last year (2016) i was dignosed with Hepatitus E at that time my Bilirubun levels gone to 24(i was hospatilised) .Now from september onwards its fluctuating between 1.6 to 2.8 .Every month i had LFT .Also Hemoglobin report is normal.My enzymes are always normal SGOT=22,SGPT=35 .But iam concerned my bilirubin levels .Right now i am taking Udiliv 150mg & Lactichep for last 1 week ,Now my bilirubin is 2.2 SGOT/SGPT are normals .Please suggest me what to do . I dont feel week (though sometime feels),eyes are very little yellowish .My first urine of the day is yellow all time .Rest of day is normal . Report Bilirubin Total -2.2 Conjugated (Direct) – 1.6 Unconjugater – .6 Albumin 4.1 Globulin 3.8 A/G Ratio – 1.079 SGOT- 24 SGPT-15 Alkaline Phospahate -102

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