Manish asked 8 years ago

Explain to me the benefits of amla

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 8 years ago

Benefits Of Amla : Slows Down Ageing Amla is virtually a superfruit. It is full of antioxidants that are effective in reducing cell damage. It reduces the effects of free radicals (which are responsible for damaging protein, DNA, and cell membranes) and thus effectively combats the aging process. Cures A Sore Throat f you’ve got a pesky sore throat problem, then Amla is the fruit for you. Amla juice mixed with a few pieces of chopped ginger and mixed with a tablespoon of honey has been proven to be an effective treatment for a cough and a sore throat. Fights Against Heart Disease High cholesterol is the leading cause of heart disease. By reducing the build up of bad cholesterol, Amla reduces the risk of heart disease. It also reduces clogging in the arteries by boosting good cholesterol or HDL . Studies have also shown its benefits in preventing the thickening of blood vessel walls, the first sign of heart disease. Increases Diuretic Activity: Any fruit that is diuretic in nature improves the frequency and volume of urination . Because urination helps your body release unwanted toxins, salts, and uric acid, consumption of Amla has a detoxifying effect on your body. Increases Metabolic Activity :Because of its ability to increase the absorption of protein, Indian Gooseberries are a great way to boost your metabolic rate. Your metabolic rate is how fast your body burns calories. Boosting it will lead to faster weight loss, higher energy levels and an overall increase in lean muscle mass. Reduces Blood Sugar:Research has shown that fruits that are rich in polyphenol protect the body from the oxidative nature of high blood sugar. Amla can thus be therapeutic for people afflicted with diabetes. It also assists the body in the proper absorption of insulin, thus reducing blood sugar levels. Because of this, it is invaluable for people afflicted with diabetes and should be a part of their daily diet  and  many more.. High In Digestive Fiber Boosts Immunity Prevents Formation Of Gall Bladder Stones Prevents Ulcers Is Anti-Inflammatory Improves Eyesight Purifies Blood Strengthens Bones Cools The Body Prevents Constipation Prevents Jaundice Reduces The Risk Of Cancer Protects Your Liver Makes Skin Glow Brightens Skin Reduces Pigmentation Prevents Lice Prevents Greying Of Hair Helps Increase Hair Growth

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