Sushil2176380@gmail Kumar asked 7 years ago

I went to dental because I am having bad breath problem whole day… This bad breath is also there after brushing…Dr. did scaling & polishing and gave me a mouthwash (chlorhexidine gluconate solution) but it didn’t worked …I am still having bad breath… When I wake up in the morning my mouth smells very very bad, than after brushing also my mouth start smelling after few mins , brushing 2 times a day don’t make any effect on my bad breath.. My friends say you have unusual smell in your mouth because of which i am not able to talk with anyone.. This unpleasant smell is not for sometime ,its whole day….dont know why…
Please help me…

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

As you have mentioned that your have taken all measures to remove the cause of bad breath. This appears that the origin of bad breath is not from your mouth, rather from your stomach. Take a capsule of PANTOPRAZOLE 40 empty stomach every morning. This will reduce gas and acidity problem which might be the reason for bad breathe. Take lots of fibre diet so as to correct constipation, which might be another reason for bad breathe. 

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