michelle asked 7 years ago

hello i was just wondering about my arm i was in a serious car accident in november where i broke my wrist and am currently awaiting an mri for my arm. the other day i lifted something and since then i have not been able to move my fingers much, or straighten my arm at all, the pain is unbearable even with medication. i was wondering if this could be just strain from the lifting or if i should visit the doctor. thankyou.

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

For some time, strenuous activity or lifting heavy objects should be avoided with the injured hand. Most probably, this would be a minor sprain caused by lifting of heavy object. The pain problem would subside on its own in coming few days. Meanwhile you could chose to massage with volini gel or use warm compress. If the pain continues beyond 15 days, you should get an MRI done to rule out ligament injury or any other secondary complications.
For further clarifications, you may contact an orthopaedic surgeon online and chat with the doctor on the website of free doctor helpline.

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