irteza asked 3 years ago

Ok so I ‘think’ I have an internal infection starting from my anus (history of hemroids and anal fissures). I can feel my anus being moist and when taped with a tissue I can see there are small drops of water/pus absorbed that also has a particular smell to it. Doesn’t smell like stool or fart but hard to describe the smell.
The problem is I don’t have a fever and I’ve had these symptoms for a while but the doctor didn’t think its infection. I can feel my body getting warm (esp at night) from the waist down but there’s never any fever when I check.
The other problem is I don’t have access to a doctor right now. I’ve moved back to India and live in a small village. The best I can do is get antibiotics online but don’t know which one would be the best.
Also I used to live in UK until recently and as part of the study programme was registered with health service. I’ve had these same symptoms for a few years now and while getting my treatment from the GP for my anal fissure I blatantly asked the doctor that I feel its getting infected. The doctor assured me that its not infected and that it would be a hell lot painful if it was.. Went 6 months later to a different doc and was told something similar.
I’m so confused if it is infection or not and its driving me crazy. I feel slight internal numbness around the right side of my stomach (couple inches right of my belly button) and I immediately feel it might be the infection growing. But at the same time there’s no pain and 2 doctors previously said there is no infection (last check up was around a year ago now). This is diving me crazy.
I feel like ordering a bunch of antibiotics and just go through a course just for the sake of it. Maybe the smell or moisture stops, or at worst nothing changes and I put myself at a little more risk by doing a 14 day course (antibiotic resistant and all).
Please please please help. I’d greatly appreciate it.

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 3 years ago

This would be great that instead of going hit and trial and using medicines without knowing the exact problem, you should get few tests like colonoscopy, lower abdomen ultrasound, and stool culture test. Depending upon the findings, antibiotics and other medicines could be prescribed.

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