manish asked 3 years ago

What is the connection between high blood pressure (hypertension) and heart disease?

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 9 months ago

In general, the guts issues related to high force per unit area relate to the heart’s arteries and muscles. the kinds of hypertensive cardiopathy include:
Narrowing of the arteries
Coronary arteries transport blood to your cardiac muscle. once high force per unit area causes the blood vessels to become slender, blood flow to the guts will slow or stop. This condition is thought as coronary cardiopathy (CHD), additionally referred to as artery malady.
CHD makes it troublesome for your heart to operate and provide the remainder of your organs with blood. It will place you in danger for coronary failure from a grume that gets stuck in one among the narrowed arteries and cuts off blood flow to your heart.
Thickening and enlargement of the guts
High force per unit area makes it troublesome for your heart to pump blood. Like alternative muscles in your body, regular exertions causes your heart muscles to thicken and grow. This alters the method the guts functions. These changes typically happen within the main pumping chamber of the guts, the heart ventricle. The condition is thought as left cavum hypertrophy (LVH).
CHD will cause LVH and contrariwise. after you have CHD, your heart should work more durable. If LVH enlarges your heart, it will compress the coronary arteries.

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