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amy asked 7 years ago

hello! im a 19 year old female. Almost 6 months ago i had unsafe sex, vaginaly and anally. since then i\\\’ve had more cramps to have to go to the toilet and a lot of times more greenish feces. Maybe a month or more after that i found a lump in my innner thigh of which i think it could have been a swollen lymph node. Just yesterday i found some weird spots on my tongue and a small one on the inner side of my lip that look like mouth ulcers. All this time i\\\’ve been afraid of an acute HIV infection. My question is; after almost 6 months, is it still possible for these symptoms to arrive?

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 6 years ago

Yes, symptoms of STDs like Herpes or HIV may appear after 6 months. However, in your case, just a oral sore or swollen lymph gland cant be conclusively said to be an indicator for STD. If you suspect any STD, its better to get a test done for the same to rule out all possibilities.

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