Cody asked 7 years ago

Hello! Just a quick question about the screws that were placed in my knee for my ACL surgery. I’m 6 years post op and still exercising/playing sports at a high level (college-level) with100% physical capability. Recently, over the past month or so, I’ve had some bad pain in leg that the ACL was repaired in. However, this pain is coming below my knee right on top of my inner-leg screw site. This is the only screw that has been sensitive to touch for years now and is now causing me pain. Is this something that will alleviate itself over time? Or is this something where I could be looking at having a surgery to get the screw removed? I’ve been dealing with the pain but its hit-or-miss as far as debilitating me or allowing me to play through the pain.
Thank you for any response and answer!

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freedoctorhelpline Staff answered 7 years ago

Around 10% of the patients experience this type of pain few years after the ACL Surgery. This might be because of the mechanical wear and tear at the site of ACL surgery. The exact reason for the pain needs to be diagnosed through MRI. Please contact your doctor immediately to find the cause and take preventive steps to stop further damage.

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