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What is the recovery time for a high tibial osteotomy?

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Regardless of the exact timeline, a knee osteotomy recovery and rehabilitation program focuses on pain control, wound healing, protecting the osteotomy, improving flexibility and range of motion, and building muscle strength.
Pain control. Recovery from knee osteotomy surgery is painful. Pain medication will be given in the hospital and prescribed for after discharge. If at any time pain is not being controlled well with medications, patients should talk to their doctor. Pain is easier to manage when it is addressed in its early stages.
Soft tissue wound healing. While in the hospital, a patient will be taught how to care for the wound once he or she gets home, including changing bandages and bathing. Keeping the wound clean and free of infection is very important.
Reduce swelling and prevent deep vein thrombosis. In the first two weeks following the surgery, steps must be taken to reduce swelling in the knee, avoid blood pooling in the leg veins and prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (sometimes called DVT). The leg should be elevated, and ice packs may be used intermittently to reduce swelling. Two medical devices may be used: a Cryocuff and/or a Continuous Passive Motion Machine.
Cryocuff. Some patients wear a “cryocuff,” a soft, puffy cast with a Velcro closure that has cold water circulating through it. The cold compression provided by the cryocuff helps reduce swelling. Patients also may be asked to contract and relax the thigh muscles and flex and point the ankle to promote blood flow in the leg.

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